The beauty of tight binding, known as Kinbaku-bi in Japanese, has captured the attention of many rope enthusiasts around the world. Whether you call it Shibari, Western Bondage, or simply tying rope, it all comes down to the movement of energy between rope partners. Like dancing, rope scenes can be seductive, playful, primal, or artistic. It's a form of expression that allows players to explore vulnerability, power exchange, and sometimes danger to bring desires to life.

Whether you're a master looking to exert control, friends creating fun art, or a seductress looking to captivate the crowd, rope bondage can be used to express a wide range of emotions. At its core, rope bondage is a movement of energy, much like dancing, where rope partners can express themselves in countless different ways.

Despite its beauty and eroticism, rope bondage comes with a great deal of responsibility, particularly when it comes to suspension. It is crucial for all rope players to be aware of the risks involved and take steps to mitigate them.

That's where Rav's Progressive Method (RPM) comes in. RPM is a comprehensive rope education program, divided into four classes: Base Basics, From the Ground Up, Sky's the Limit, and To Infinity and Beyond. Base Basics covers essential knowledge for beginners, including safety, equipment, and basic ties. From the Ground Up explores ties, patterns, and ground ties, while Sky's the Limit focuses on beginner to intermediate suspension, and To Infinity and Beyond delves into advanced suspension, collaboration, and pattern design.

With regular weekly attendance, RPM can be completed in around two years and is packed with ties, positions, drills, concepts, ideals, risk mitigation techniques, tips and tricks, and practice opportunities like games, friendly competitions, and class projects. Whether you're new to rope bondage or looking to take your skills to the next level, RPM has everything you need to expand your knowledge and explore this beautiful art form.

Risk Mitigation

Rope bondage may seem fun or beautiful on the surface, may even seem easy. But danger lurks beneath. When asked why it's dangerous, the first thing you think of may be "circulation issues," but it's more about nerves than blood. Nerves are actually the most at risk damage from well-tensioned bondage. Make no mistake, when rope suspension is practiced incorrectly it can cause irreparable nerve damage. 

We continually provide tips and tricks to reduce risk and increase fun.

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Practice is essential to developing the muscle memory required to get out of your head thinking about the ties, and being present in your scene for maximum connection with your partner. 

We built practice into our structure. With test outs, games, performances, and drills you're sure to get plenty of practice. You'll gain hand dexterity, rope handling skills, maintaining an intended tension, rope handling and flow skills, all to round out your tying ability. 

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Fun & Enjoyment

Rope bondage and suspension is fun for a variety of reasons. Everyone has their own motive for doing what we do. Whether it's for the art and beauty of rope bondage or for playing with kinky headspaces, rope bondage is a fun and expressive way to connect with people; especially your partner. 

While the RPM classes are focused and structured, we still have a lot of fun. We have demos, play games, share stories, do performances, and class projects. 

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Single-Column Tie
Double-Column Tie
Quad-Column Tie
Rav's Hip Harness
Arm Binder

about US

Hi guys!

We are Clover. Together we are a loving triad and fellow rope enthusiasts. Hyoko and I have been tying for around 10 years, and Summer for 4. Summer is my regular bottom and co-teacher. She has experience as both a top and a bottom, and is great at giving bottoming tips throughout the classes. 

We have attended numerous conventions and intensives to expand our knowledge, and have taken classes and private lessons from some of the greatest rope teachers in the world. 

We thrive on kinky, beautiful rope. Our personal style is expansive. Hyo and I indulge primarily in sensual rope. I greatly enjoy bondage for sexy play and have been making her squirm for audiences since our earliest parties. For both Hyoko and Summer the athletic challenges of rope appeals and pushes them to new heights. Summer is my masochist. She laughs adorably in the most challenging positions and is a great joy to 'torture'. 

We demo in class to provide inspiration for the possibilities of the many headspaces rope can evoke.

Ask me why I say "Bondage is power exchange and rope suspension is edge play."

Ravix DeWolf

Rope Bondage Instructor


We do performances, photoshoots and demos. 

Christmas Shoot
Position 12a - Modified "Running Man" Suspension
Position 9a - Basic Side TK Suspension

our features

RPM Classes are unique and special. Especially designed to force students to practice good technique, RPM Classes encourage students to take their time and master basic techniques before moving on to the next dificulty level. 

Go at your own pace

The position based and menu style structures of the RPM classes means you never miss a lesson. Need to skip a week? No problem. You pick up right where you left off. 

Learn to Perform

Test outs are framed as performances, giving students space and encouragement to find their own style and flare. 

Art vs Kink

Each class contains a healthy dose of tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's to capture a great photo, perform for a crowd or play in a sexy scene, we gotcha covered.

Outdoor Class & Shoot
Class Projects

Whether its a photoshoot, a performance, or a field trip, we try to mix it up to continuously add variety. 


We play rope games like escape games, the "help me" game, hogtie races, speed challenges, and more. Nothing provides the same level of practice like friendly competition.

Great Atmosphere

The perfect learning environment. Fun but structured classes with encouraging and enthusiastic instructors who provide constructive criticism in a positive way.